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“Fundamentals of Freethought”
Peter Eckler Publishing Company, New York
by Marshall J. Gauvin, 1922

Originally published in 1922, Marshall J. Gauvin writes the Fundamentals of Freethought. In the Preface, Gauvin explains why he gives his book this title.

Is There A Real God?
Man invented gods in his effort to account for the phenomena of nature. As the knowledge that the universe is governed by law advances, belief in God disappears.

Did Jesus Christ Really Live?
In early Christianity, Christ was a personified idea. For this idea a life story was afterwards invented. St. Paul knows nothing of the Christ of the Gospels, concerning whom contemporary history is wholly silent.

Did Jesus Christ Rise From the Dead?
The story of the resurrection of Christ is one of many similar stories. Nobody saw the resurrection take place. The contradictory narratives in the Gospels prove the astounding claim a fable.

The Bible A Dangerous Moral Guide
The scriptures uphold all the major forms of immorality. Humanity has made moral progress in proportion as the Bible has been left behind.

Is There A Life After Death?
The mind or soul as a function of the brain dies with the brain. Immortal life is unthinkable, undesirable, and in a universe of endless change, impossible.

One Hundred Contradictions In The Bible
The contradictions in the Bible certify that that book is not the word of God, and that we need not believe it since its writers did not believe one another.

Transcription to web provided by Sharon Mooney (and Bill Restemeyer, Did Jesus Christ Really Live?). Original publication, courtesy of the library owned by David Mooney.

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  1. it's been very hard to accept. After about 13 years of perpetual study of the bible and bible related subjects and the help of an atheist friend I had no choice but do what I set out to do. Prove or disprove the bible and now much to my dismay I'm now an atheist.